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Hair Candy is a unique blend of Nutrients selected to promote the growth of the healthiest Hair Skin & Nails possible, which comprise our body’s largest organ system; the Integumentary System. The ONLY system where tissues never stop growing. Due to this, the Integumentary System has a vast nutrient requirement, which in most cases is impossible to meet from even the healthiest diet. The special formula in this product gives you the “Biotin Boost” you need to make your hair stronger, thicker, & shinier, your skin look years younger, and your nails stronger.

These active ingredients in our fabulous “Hair Candy” help to give you the BIOTIN BOOST to assist your body in producing healthy nails, skin and hair! Our hair vitamin / supplement also has many multi-vitamin properties to help in the overall health!

Vitamin A…this vitamin helps your skin, eyes and mucous membranes stay moist and no one likes to have dry mucous membranes do they? You can either take Hair Candy or eat beef liver to get the appropriate amount of Vitamin A, you decide!

Vitamin C…has so many benefits to the body like being a natural immune booster, a natural antihistamine and help with cardiovascular health. However, the benefits for Hair Candy are it is an amazing antioxidant and collagen rebuilder. It helps to free the body from these nasty little things called free radicals and allows the skin and nails to rejuvenate themselves.

Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B5…these little B’s will help keep your metabolism buzzing properly. Hair Candy chose them because they help metabolic rejuvenation and energy. Natural energy is better than red bull.

Vitamin D, MSM…These amazing little vitamins can be used to help prevent so many terrible things like osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and autoimmune disease. Hair Candy chose Vitamin D because of its amazing ability to rejuvenate skin. Our bodies should get 80-90% of vitamin D directly from natural sunlight but then you may get wrinkles from sun exposure so…you choose, wrinkles or hair candy.

Vitamin B9…this is an important one! For women in child bearing ages this is absolutely necessary to prevent huge problems with fetuses in the early stages of pregnancy. For those women and men who are not done having children, B9 helps protect us from some cancers and heart disease.

Vitamin B12…among many other things, B12 helps with fighting memory loss. With the hustle and bustle of most people’s lives, who could not use a little help with remembering things? By the way, vitamin B12 insufficiency has been tied to male infertility…yes you read this right.

Biotin…this is the most important of all the ingredients in Hair Candy. It is a vitamin in the B family: it is used in treating and healing dry scalp, brittle nails and re-activating hair growth!